Katharine Gates Katharine Gates
A woman of numerous skills, a few of them useful.

Owner, Oculeum

Freelance website programming and design, book packaging and design, content production. Clients include: The Folk Art Society of America; Harold Schechter; Joe Coleman; The Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct; Salvadori Center; Henry Boxer Gallery; Last Gasp of San Francisco; ObamaQuilters; Family Lore Inc.

Author and Curator

Author of the cult classic Deviant Desires from Juno Books; articles in The Village Voice, Soho Magazine, and The Position. Curator of the year-long blockbuster exhibition, Kink: Geography of the Erotic Imagination at The Museum of Sex in New York City. Creator of the KINKMAP, which was reprinted in Human Sexuality, a college psychology textbook. Lecturer at Yale University and New York University. Subject of a profile in Vanity Fair Magazine.

Honorary Consul, NSK State

Official representative in the United States of the artists' nation, NSK. Issued passports, attended diplomatic meetings, produced the Virginia leg of the Transnacionala tour for Irwin, the artists' collective of NSK.

Gates also served as Honorary Consul for the splinter nation of Enen Kio (also known as Bikini Atoll) and signed diplomatic accords in that capacity.


Owner, Gates of Heck, Inc.

Publisher of outre artists books and limited editions, with artists such as art spiegelman, Robert Crumb, Annie Sprinkle, Joe Coleman, Gary Panter and Charles Burns. Winner of four Firecracker Alternative Book Awards. Mainstream distribution and mass market press coverage. Based first in Richmond Virginia and then in Tribeca, New York City.

Owner, Key Gallery

A status-quo-challenging art space that showed Steven Kashers The Art of Hitler project; Hans Haacke's Helmsboro series (in the middle of a tobacco refinery district); David Hammons' African-American flag (in the Capitol of the Confederacy); graphic novel artists Charles Burns and Gary Panter; Mark Dion; Baltimore-based musicians The Tinklers and Toys are U.S. an invitational show of limited-edition conceptual toys by artists.

Artist and Set Designer

Solo exhibition at 1708 Gallery in Richmond, Virginia in 1996. Set designer and producer, dance interpretation of Heiner Muller's Hamletmachine Tanzwochen in Vienna Austria, 1989. PS1 Projects 88: Installation filling one room of P.S. Museum in Long Island City, NY, 1988.

Student, Whitney Independent Study Program

New York City. Fellowship for the study of studio art and critical theory through the Whitney Museum of American Art.


Student, Cooper Union School of Art

New York City. BFA: Sculpture.

Student, Yale University

New Haven, CT. BA Magna Cum Laude, in "Mythology," a self-designed major combining advanced courses in anthropology, literature, linguistics, Egyptian and Mayan hieroglyphics, and art history.