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A publisher of outre artists' books with mainstream distribution.


FACETASM: A Creepy Mix and Match of Face Mutations
by Charles Burns and Gary Panter
A children's board book for teenagers and grownups. Gary Panter (Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Jimbo) and Charles Burns (Big Baby) created sixteen cool and creepy faces which break up into three sections that flip independantly so that you can create over 7,000 different nightmarish combinations.

"Contorted cut-ups that'll make your head split open. It's a pleasure to see two of my favorite artists' worlds collide." -- Art Spiegelman

Winner of a Firecracker Book Award.

Firecracker award

Cerio's ABC

Steven Cerio's ABC Book: A Drug Primer
by Steven Cerio
From "A is for Angel Dust" to "G is for Grass" and "V is for Valium," squares and hipsters alike will have hours of goofy fun poring over Cerio's psychedelically detailed images. Cerio is best known for his stage and print design for cult band The Residents.

"Steven Cerio... can best be described as suffering dark influences while being carried by his pregnant mother who witnessed a truck full of calamari run through the wall of a toothpick factory." -- Robert Williams.

Winner of a Firecracker Book Award.

Firecracker award

Vellekoop's ABC

Maurice Vellekoop's ABC Book: A Homoerotic Primer
by Maurice Vellekoop
From "A is for Astronauts Floating in Space" to "Z is for Zoologists on the wild side," each letter of the alphabet provides the key to a hot and funny scenario of gay sex. With drawings that are a corss between Tintin and Tom of Finland, Vellekoop comemorates and honors these classic homoerotic archetypes with humor and joy.

"Vellicious!... a fiendishly funny series of porno cartoons." -- Xtra!

Winner of a Firecracker Book Award.

Firecracker award

Original Sin

Original Sin: The Visionary Art of Joe Coleman
Apocalyptic painter, explosive performance artist, collector of human oddities and cult figure extraordinaire, this coffee-table art book is a definitive guide to Coleman's work to date. With essays by Jim Jarmusch, John Yau and Harold Schechter as well as 48 pages of color plates and informative keys to the allegorical elements and historical background to the subjects.

"Joe Coleman's work.. has that edge to it, that edge of someone engaged in an urgent effort to preserve their sanity. His vsual art is, to my taste, some of the best around these days." -- Robert Crumb

Edited and designed by Katharine Gates




XXXOOO: Love and Kisses, Vols 1 and 2
by Annie Sprinkle and Katharine Gates
Two fun-filled volumes of "greatest hits" by Prostitute/Porn Star turned Sex Guru/ Performance artist, Annie Sprinkle. Each perfect-bound book contains 30 tear-out postcards of mailable erotic art, from "101 Uses for Sex" to "Bosom Ballet", "Anatomy of a Pinup" to "101 Hazards of Sex."

Earthy, honest, funny, sexy, and feminist all at once!

"Show postal workers a good time!" -- Playboy Magazine

Co-authored by Katharine Gates. Design by Katharine Gates.
Sprinkle Cards

Annie Sprinkle's Post-Modern Pinups: Pleasure Activist Playing Cards
by Annie Sprinkle, edited and designed by Katharine Gates
A girlie playing card deck updated for the new millennium. Annie Sprinkle's nude portraits of 56 sex-positive feminists document the last three decades of this movement. The deck comes with a 64-page booklet of biographies of these amazing women. Includes Susie Bright, Carol Queen, Lily Burana, Betty Dodson, Jennifer Blowdryer, Lydia Lunch and many more.

This project was the subject of a feature-length documentary special aired on HBO's Real Sex.


Matriarchy: Freedom in Bondage
by Malcolm McKesson. Designed by Katharine Gates
This illustrated novel follows the extraordinary transformation of a young man abducted into (willing) submission as a servant to a stern mistress who teaches him to curb his "manly nature." With its intense and atmospheric line drawings and evocative descriptions of exoric costumes, rituals and devices, Matriarchy reveals this outsider artist's inner mythology created in ecstatic seclusion, a subversive world of courtly eroticism. Over 100 illustrations.

"Beautifully strange, ornately decorous... Matriarchy is sure to become an underground classic." -- John Strausbaugh, NY Press

Narrative Corpse

The Narrative Corpse: A Chain Story by 69 artists
edited by Art Spiegelman and R. Sikoryak
69 comix artists create one long story in the fashion of the surrealist game of the same name. The first artist draws three panels of a story starring a stick figure named "sticky," then passes this on to the next artist who continues the story. The following artist only sees the previous three panels and so on. The result: Stcky's crazy cut-up misadventures as he suffers multiple defenestrations, attacks by giant women, gender changes and the like.

Includes: R. Crumb, Matt Groening (The Simpsons), Mort Walker (Beetle Bailey), Will Eisner (The Spirit), Charles Burns, Lynda Barry, and many more.

A 1995 selection of the Quality Paperback Book of the Month Club.

Winner of a Firecracker Book Award.

Firecracker award

HECK editions

HECK Editions
A beautifully-produced catalog of limited edition artworks commssioned by Katharine Gates and Gates of Heck. Works by Carolee Schneemann, GWAR, The Tinklers, AQUI!, Mark Dion, NSK and others. Although it's a catalog, it's a work of art in itself, with foil stamping, rounded edges, specialty cover stock, beautiful p
hotography by David Stover, and design by Davi Det Hompson.

Man of Sorrows

The Man of Sorrows
A limited-edition artists book by Joe Coleman, with foil-stamped over, gold ink and tipped-in full-color die-cut images. Deconstructs and re-examines the life of Christ through the unique apocalyptic and self-referential world of Joe Coleman.

Produced in a limited edition of 2,000. The Collector's edition came in a clamshell case with hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzle and reliquary.

Exorcism of Page 13 The Exorcism of Page 13
by Caryl Burtner
The Exorcism of Page Thirteen is a documentation of Caryl Burtner's ongoing fascination with the number thirteen. Caryl cuts the page number with its surrounding text from page thirteen in every book in her library. When she pastes these squares into grids she creates fortuitous poems and fateful coincidences.

The book was created in a limited edition of 2,000 copies, each signed, numbered and "exorcised" by the artist.


FACETASM (limited edition)
The original funky spiral-bound board book by Charles Burns and Gary Panter. Eight freaky faces by each artist break up into three registers that can be turned independently so that the reader can create thousands of bizarre permutations. A creepy update of a children's favorite.

Produced by Key Gallery for an exhibition of these two artists. Gates put the entire edition in the pack of her pickup truck and drove across the country, selling books as she went. This is the book that launched Gates of Heck.